17 People Who Happened To Meet Celebrities In The Wild

“Photo of Marilyn Monroe taken by my grandma after meeting her in Lake Louise, Canada Circa 1950s.”

“My wife and I met Jason Momoa!”

“I can’t believe it but I MET MY FAVORITE CROW TODAY”

“Met Natalia Oreiro at a wedding photo shoot”

“My mom took a photo with Kurt Cobain back in 1993. Brazil.”

“Saw someone post their photo with Danny DeVito at Coventry and thought I’d post mine”

“Met Jorge this past weekend!”

“It’s been one year since I trolled Hugh Jackman! I didn’t realise until today that the date I met Hugh was the same date I joined Reddit many years ago

“Guess who I got to meet?”

“Just met the man Bill Murray!”

“My mom met Steve Buscemi at a Harley Davidson charity event tonight.”

“Friend met Daniel Radcliffe and even Harry Potter gets schwifty!”

“Met Anne at the NYC premiere of ‘Interstellar’ a couple weeks ago!”

“I met Emilia Clarke tonight!”

“My friends met the actor who plays Mr Filch in Harry Potter at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and he had a face mask on”

“That time I met Sawyer.”

“So I also met Sansa at work”

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