15 Amazing Kitchen Tools To Buy In 2020

Microplane Grater – are really useful for zesting citrus, and grating garlic, ginger, and hard cheeses

Garlic Press – shoving a few bulbs in there and squeezing is a heck of a lot quicker and more uniform than manually cutting it

Scraper – Almost anything you chop that needs to go in a bowl or pan or pot can be scooped up so easily with a scraper! From transporting ingredients into a pan to cleaning up your countertop, there are myriad ways to use this simple device.

Kitchen Shears are invaluable to the kitchen. I use mine for all sorts of tasks, like removing food from packages, trimming vegetables, cutting herbs, trimming parchment paper

Knife Sharpener – A “sharp blade is a safe blade” Most accidents with knives happen with dull ones because they’re not predictable. With a sharper knife the risk of injury is lower

High-Powered Blender -There’s a reason you see this blender is an industry standard and in the home of every serious cook you know. It easily makes soups, sauces, dips, pesto, nut butter, smoothies, milkshakes, and more. And a Vitamix will last forever with proper care.

Cast Iron Pan – High heat retention, even heat distribution and versatility. Yeah, there are frequently better tools for the job. But cast iron does almost all stove top cooking well enough, and still excels in it’s own area. If a person only has one pan, it should be cast iron in most cases.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven – These pots are made of heavy cast iron, which heats up smoothly and evenly making it great for cooking. You can use them on your stove to boil, simmer, sauté, and sear, or use them in your oven to bake, broil, or braise. And even after the cooking is done, these pots are pretty enough to use as a serving dish too

Pepper Mill – Freshly cracked black pepper is so much more aromatic and robust than pre-grounded ones. Plus the sound of the peppercorns being ground is so satisfying.

Salt Cellar – When cooking, salt should always be within reaching distance and be easy to access

Meat Thermometer – This takes the guess work out of cooking meat and makes sure you meat is perfectly cooked every time.

The food scale can precisely measure solid food and liquids with unparalleled ease and convenience, allowing you to command complete control over meal portions, seasoning, and nutrition.

Measuring spoons – When you’re cooking from a recipe, there’s almost always a moment when you’ll reach for measuring spoons: to measure salt, spices, baking powder, tomato paste, or anything else in a small quantity.

Tongs are so damn handy and multi-functional

Quite possibly the best peeler your will ever own!

Fish Spatula – Being slotted makes it extra flexible, which makes it easier to get under the fish to flip it without creating a disaster

A slotted spatula “fish spat” is an inordinately useful thing when working with delicate stuff. A lot of people say, with some justification, that tongs crush food. If you’re flipping, say, a hamburger patty or a piece of chicken or a piece of fish then a fish spat is nearly ideal.

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