15 Do-It-Yourself Solutions To Common Issues

“Used a leaf blower and a funnel to quickly inflate a pool.”

“The top of a terrarium doubles as a protector for my thawing prime rib. He wants it so bad.”

“I made a sliding word-changing sign for my dishwasher.”

“My girlfriend came up with a crazy good microwave life hack for multiple plates. It heats up evenly this way.”

“This is how I cleaned my keyboard today.”

“I use birth control stickers as nail vinyls.”

“This makes all my lunch breaks very entertaining.”

“Put the ice cream in ziplock bags or grocery bags to avoid freezer burn. It also makes the ice cream easier to scoop.”

“My father amazes me sometimes.”

“I put a motion-sensing light in my bathroom to avoid getting blinded when I have to go in the middle of the night.”

“A stack of cups that you can turn to indicate when coffee was brewed.”

“Taping wax paper to your windows is a cheap and quick way to keep your privacy without compromising natural light.”

“My friend made this to clean his bathroom tiles (and yes, he did use a newly bought, unused brush).”

“If you’re ever tired of hotel curtains not closing all the way”

“If you eat a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell, you get a second taco.”

Bonus: how Anne Hathaway eats cupcakes without getting frosting on her face

Source: brightside.me

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