37 Things That Are On The Brink Of Disaster

“New road was not sealed correctly.”

“It’s 4 a.m. and my dog bed just decided to explode in the washer.”

“Checked my fitness bracelet after a 15 km walk, and guess what!”

“All I wanted was ravioli.”

“Someone is having a very bad day.”

“The ATM took my card then just shut down.”

“At least it was clean? Could have been way worse.”

“And that was our dinner.”

“My mug is so hot and I just want coffee.”

“Someone’s not having pineapple on their burger.”

“Let’s just say that it got a little toasty outside today…”

“After a 10-hour day at work, I knocked over a container of cocoa powder.”

“Opened the wrong side of the pepper.”

“Installing a metal roof flawlessly”

“My wife’s first trip on a plane, and this was the view out of her window.”

“My 2-week-old phone fell from the top of the table.”

“Lost luggage build-up.”

“Dog wanted to play fetch, ball ended up in my coffee.”

“Had a rough week, currently been awake for over 26 hours. All I wanted was a freaking chocolate shake. I get home and this happens.. I swear I almost cried.”

“I bought my bf his fave liquor and my bike tipped over before I got it out of the basket.”

“Decided to have some cereal and there were bugs in it.”

“Our dog vomitted his breakfast in the floor vent of our RV.”

“Hiked for two hours to see these waterfalls”

“Someone know the odds of getting bit by one of these? Got bit at 10 yrs old and just got bit a 2nd time… and I think I’m gonna have a heart attack if I get to 3…”


“My teen took my truck out today.”

“My teen took my truck out today.”

“Waited all summer to cut open this watermelon I grew in my yard”

“Poured eggs in my coffee instead of creamer.”

“Plumber left my tub like this after fixing the sink”

“My BBQ sauces and rub finally arrived. Thanks, USPS!”

“Had a pen in my pocket at work, looked down to this.”

“Hiked for two hours to see these waterfalls”

“There were 12 minutes left in the washing cycle when I saw this.”

“If you need me I’ll be crying in the bathtub”

“The city of Cleveland installed the brightest god damn street lights I have ever seen on my street today. It’s midnight.”

“What’s the worst thing to find after you took the last batch of cookies out? The real cinnamon.”

“Key broke off inside the lock to a very important work door. Wonder how much trouble I am in”

“My grandma forgot the bread croutons in the oven”

“Saw this in a bathroom. Someone’s day must be ruined”

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