15 High Quality Tools You Can Pass Down From Generation To Generation

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Estwing hammers – It’s literally one single big piece of forged metal, with a leather grip. And it’s made in the USA

Estwing Hatchet – Start with a solid chunk of 100% American steel and add a true, functional design… Forge it, temper it, balance and polish the curves clean and smooth… Complete with a matching, natural leather, banded, ergonomic, handle grip…and finish the craftmanship by sharpening the blade by hand… Kindling, logs, tent spikes and everything, in between; this axe will perform and outlast them all and shows you live life on your terms

Knipex pliers wrench – “They’re fantastic tools. They’re very well designed and they do the job much better than competing tools. As someone who uses tools for a living and for hobbies, they make a big difference and are worth their premium. I didn’t think the Kool-Aid would be that tasty, but I drank it and now am a true believer.”

Ridgid Pipe Wrench – Ridgids are well made, super durable and replacement jaws are readily available. They are pretty much the standard for any pipe work and all plumbers.

Wera Screwdrivers – Their screwdrivers are pretty hard to beat in terms of value. The tips are high quality and the “laser tips”, while gimmicky in name, don’t strip. So long as you like the feel of the handles, they’re a no-brainier IMO.

Wiha Precision Screwdrivers – I have a Wiha set that I have used for 15 years. Nothing is as solid and comfy. German engineering at its best. Fantastic tool company.

Klein Tools Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper – “My father is an electrician and he will swear by Klein tools. He’s had his lineman’s pliers damn near 30 years and put them through hell (i.e. using them as a hammer). The only thing the strippers don’t like is cutting through live wires”

Milwauke Compact Drill – “I’m an electrician and everyone I’ve worked with has Milwaukee. Even my school buddy’s all run milwaukees. They have enough torque to break your wrist if you hold it wrong and hit a knot. I’ve drilled out full houses with one.”

Skilsaw Circular Saw – They still set the standard that everyone imitates

Vaughan SuperBar– Prybar made in the USA. I have used this bar time and time again and it works without fail.

Werner Ladder – “Have used Werners for 24 yrs now roofing, no complaints.”

Stanley Measuring Tape – “I have been using this model of Stanley tape measure since the seventies. It’s a classic tape measure with high quality.”

Fiskars Shovel“I own and operate a construction company that remodels backyards. We did pier holes on every job. This is hands down the best shovel in the world. We only break maybe 1 per year per crew, which is astounding considering we did hundreds of holes in very tough dirt and rock. This is for real digging, if you want to spread top soil go with a lighter shovel. This is an industrial well built shovel make for real work. Dollar for dollar, maybe the best tool in my entire stable.”

Kennedy Tool Box – This toolbox is a tank and will probably outlive you.

RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac – “I have a Ridgid purchased around 2006. It is a full size model with a blower conversion. I have built 4 houses using it along with my own use around my house and garage (including hooking it up to woodworking tools for dust collection) and besides filters, the only issue I have had was with the power switch, which I changed out for a couple of bucks with one from an auto parts store. When it needs to be replaced, I will certainly pick up another Ridgid. I beat on this thing way harder than an average homeowner and it just keeps going.”

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