15 Images Reminding Us That Bad Days Happen

These photos offer a humorous and relatable look at the missteps and mishaps that define a truly bad day.

“Nose Wheel on plane went flat TWICE in a week while flying.”

“Our car was booped while we weren’t home. It’s a really much worse than it looks.”

“Cold this morning so I turned my car heater on before leaving for work. Came back to my car on fire.”

“Hit the gas instead of the brakes exiting my condo, my car isn’t that bad and easy to fix cosmetically, but I feel bad and stupid since I’ve never done this before.”

“I was expecting a package tomorrow- USPS semi a total loss on the interstate near me.”

“I sat on chocolate at the airport”

My groceries were delivered to me with security tags on them.”

“The angle of my foot in my cast (45 instead of 90)”

“Got home after long day, did my chores and made myself some food”

“Lady pulled out in front of me as I was going 60 miles an hour broke my wrist and they had to reset it.”

“I borrowed my freshly sharpened axe to a friend. He got mad at me for telling him to be careful with it. He returned it like this.”

“Called 811 before digging for electric, but missed the part at the end that said it doesn’t cover water lines in our county.”

“Had to mail my taxes in this year, and sent them the day I left town. Came home to this.”

“Just moved to a new apartment and was so excited to make my first meal in my oven but the previous owner left a knife in there”

“Tried to change the engine oil myself and made a hole in the engine.”

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