40 Genius Amazon Home Products To Simplify Your Life

This collection highlights the best finds to upgrade your home. Enjoy the ease and convenience brought by these 40 fantastic Amazon home products!

A bottle of Folex spot remover with over 49,000 5-star ratings from customers amazed at how effectively it disappears stains from pretty much any fabric surface. Go ahead, enjoy that sloppy joe or bowl of spaghetti on your brand new couch. With this in your cleaning arsenal, you can’t lose.

A set of shelf bins if you’re like me and keep forgetting what exactly is in your refrigerator. These will help keep things organized, so you know exactly what’s in your fridge, what needs to be eaten, and what needs to be tossed. Expiration dates are real, people!

A foaming garbage disposal cleaner, so you don’t have to stick your hand down there like a scene from a horror movie trying to find the gross source of the smell coming from your drain. Just run hot water and place one of these packets in your disposal, turn it on, and watch it foam up and drain away the nastiness, leaving you with a delightful citrus scent and a cleaner sink.

A suede and nubuck brush that’ll restore your very loved furniture to like-new appearances by helping disappear scuffs and stains. This four-way brush is designed with rubber bristles to remove dirt, two welt brushes on the sides to get into narrow spaces, and a brush with nylon and metal bristles to tackle tough stains with a gentle sweep for minimal damage.

A drain clog remover for anyone with really thick or long hair that inevitably ends up clogging the shower and bathtub drains on wash day. Upgrade your bathroom cleaning regimen with this under $10 gadget and be both disgusted and amazed at what’s lurking in your drain. But like, everything will start running much smoother.

A five-pan organizing rack if your stovetop always looks cluttered because you have nowhere to put your pan set. This rack allows you to maximize storage space in your cabinets, so you can actually see and utilize your countertop or stove.

A jar of the The Pink Stuff cleaning paste because over 130,000 reviewers have rated it 5 stars for effortlessly tackling practically any mess: from scuffs and scratches on your walls to that unknown gunk that’s been on your showerhead since you moved in…what is that?!

A magnetic ironing pad for anyone who hates when their laundry comes out the laundry freshly…wrinkled. This innovative gadget can go right on top of the washer or dryer, so you can get those wrinkles out ASAP without having to fold and unfold a humongous ironing board.

A toilet bowl ring remover to make your porcelain throne sparkle from the inside out. This pumice stone tackles tough jobs including rust, mineral deposits, soap scum, and other build-up and stains on hard surfaces.

A shirt folder to transform your closet and shirt drawers into an organized haven of style. This folding board works in less than five seconds, so at the end of laundry day, you’ll end up on Pinterest trying to figure out what to do with all of this newfound closet space.

A special brush for your dryer, because it turns out you actually need to maintain and clean your dryer to help it run properly. This allows you to clear up whatever is stuck in your lint trap, and you’ll probably notice that your clothes dry a little faster afterwards.

Baseboard Buddy, which will transform your baseboards and molding to just-moved-in appearances. I bet before reading this you didn’t even think about baseboards needing cleaned…well, if you can’t stop noticing the amount of dust and dirt collected there, this microfiber duster will be a game changer.

An expandable shelf kit if you find yourself lacking in storage space due to annoyingly placed pipes or randomly measured cabinets. This expandable shelf kit goes around the pipes and offers much-needed organizational space that literally ~fits~ your needs.

A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets that honestly, I believe are the only effective way to clean your stainless steel bottles and mugs. Seriously. The soap and water isn’t cutting it! Each magical tablet removes all the grime you probably didn’t even realize was there and barely requires any elbow grease to do it.

An electric standing desk, so you can stop migrating to the couch halfway through the workday just to stretch your legs. Instead, upgrade your work-from-home space with this adjustable desk that allows you to sit *or* stand with a simple press of a button!

A leather restoring polish if your beloved leather couch or boots are looking a little worn lately…that just means they’re well-loved! This must-have renewing polish can be used on furniture, bags, shoes, and other leather goods you own and want to spruce up to looking brand-new.

A pressure washer because the exterior of your home has to make a good first impression, too! Restore your stone, brick, wood, and concrete surfaces to their original glory with this washer that generates up to 2,030 psi, getting rid of dirt, grime, and more.

A set of drill brush attachments in case getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing until you’re spent isn’t getting the soap scum off your shower walls. Attach this handy brush head to your drill and watch as it powerfully scrubs and cleans all the grime and gunk away on tons of surfaces, from your shower to your counters…and even your gutter!

portable carpet cleaner that’s made to tackle those stubborn stains on your favorite furniture (remember that one time with the red wine?) and not just your carpet, but also your stuffed animals, curtains, car interiors, really anything upholstery-ish you can think up.

A silicone sink strainer because nothing is worse than having to clear a clogged sink stainer besides actually *touching* the wet food pieces that clogged it… 🤢 Now, you can catch them all and empty them out with ease!

hanger stacker if you’re like me and have an overflowing bag of hangers in your bedroom that’s both unsightly and impractical. Organize your hangers with this innovative stand, so you don’t have to fight with ten tangled hangers just to retrieve one.

A top-selling stain- and odor-eliminating spray that works so well, even your pet will forget the exact spot they marked their territory on your bedroom floor! Created with an enzymatic formula, this spray goes beyond eliminating odor, but also tackles the dirt and grime of the stain, too!

clear toy blocker if your kitten constantly bats her toys underneath the fridge or you have a toddler whose dolls started an exclusive club under the depths of the couch! 🤦 This transparent gadget fits underneath appliances, furniture, and more, stopping small items from getting trapped, lost, or forgotten.

A cutlery drawer organizer because having a drawer of loose utensils is not only stressful, but can also be a safety hazard. Organize your full set of knives, forks, spoons, and wine stoppers in a way that makes sense, but also takes up half the space of a typical organizer, making room for larger cooking utensils that desperately need a place to go.

Wet & Forget shower cleaner — its name says it all! This no-scrub, bleach-free bathroom cleaner has earned over 27,000 5-star ratings for transforming reviewers’ showers with practically zero effort. Just spray down your shower when you get out and rinse it before you get back in — after a few days of using it consistently, you can start using it once a week!

A Shoe Slotz space saver to help your organize your massive shoe collection in a way that makes sense and allows your to see all your options at once. The white device makes it so shoes can stack on top of each other, taking up half the shelf space. Did I mention this method also means you’ll have a less cluttered closet?

A glass/bottle rinse because it can be really hard to get your tumblers, bottles, jars, and other deep items clean with just a sponge. This easy-to-use rinser sprays your glasses on the inside as you hold them upside down, rinsing away leftover bevvies right before your eyes. Now you can stop contorting your arm to clean the bottom of your favorite travel mug!

A lawn repair formula that’ll restore any dead patches in your yard courtesy of a pup who loves to pee in the same spot every day. This boasts a special formula to neutralize the salts in urine and a combo of grass seed, mulch, and soil amendment to help regrow your grass to a lush green yard in three easy steps (prep the area, apply the seed, and water).

Wood polish and conditioner — it’s designed to restore your favorite secondhand furniture and home goods that can’t easily be replaced. This go-to polish helps refresh and boost the look of finished and unfinished wood. So, you can use it on furniture, wall trim, cabinets, floors, and more.

A water bottle organizer for anyone who has more emotional support bottles than cabinet space. This will help you optimize your cabinet organization and cut down clutter!

A four-tier storage shelf to help you make the most of your tiny bathroom by offering tons of storage space for your water closet must-haves, like toilet paper, moisturizer, air freshener, and more.

A reusable roller dog hair remover because wearing all black is your year-round aesthetic, but your pet (that you love and adore with everything in you) sheds light-colored hair everywhere. This roller will remove hair from your couch, bed, car, and yes, even your wardrobe, effortlessly.

An Icebreaker if most of your freezer space is taken up by several ice trays, so you can enjoy cold beverages whenever you want. This innovative gadget doubles as an ice tray *and* a dispenser, so you don’t even have to touch the ice cubes to get them into your cup!

A powerful dishwashing spray with over 26,000 5-star ratings because of how effectively it cleans your dishes. If you’re someone who leaves dishes to “soak” overnight, then you actually need to add this to your cart ASAP and see this product work its magic in real time.

A fireplace cleaner kit because what’s the point in bragging about the *character* of your home if your fireplace is covered in soot and other stains? Bring it back to life with this non-abrasive gel cleaner that only requires giving those bricks or stones a good scrubdown, so you can have an IG-worthy mantle again.

A top-rated steam mop that reviewers “highly recommend” for the awesome and effortless clean-up it delivers. This must-have mop uses steam to clean and sanitize hard floors (read: tile, hardwood, linoleum, etc.) and can help kill up to 99.9% of germs in the process.

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