15 Individuals Surrounded by Curiously Interesting Things

At times, nature indulges in playful tricks, presenting us with enchanting illusions that bewilder the senses.

1. “Mountains look like waves in the middle of the ocean.”

2. “This pine tree survives and persists despite losing its top.”

3. “Our ginger looks like a baby.”

4. “My friend met this adorable milk factory today.”

5. “2:30am, midnight sun at the Arctic Circle.”

6. “These clouds and their reflections.”

7. “This olive looks like a foetus.”

8. “Weird mold growing out of cat food can I left in an empty room for 10 days.”

9. “My dog finally got his driving license.”

10. “My son and my dog have the same hair.”

11. “A murmuration of starlings takes the shape of a bird!”

12. “How this tree grew through the fence…”

13. “A cool butterfly… Oh wait.”

14. “This egg I found when I opened the packaging.”

15. A mushroom man.

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