20 School Lessons Exposed: Uncovering the Inaccuracies We Were Taught

Prepare to have your assumptions shattered as we delve into the truth behind our educational experiences. In this article we uncover the inaccuracies that were ingrained in our minds during our formative years.

1. Your high school permanent record will follow you through life. u/imthatjohnnie

2. Drinking coffee stunts your growth. u/Accurate-Yoghurt-909

3. That I would have to write in cursive for the rest of my education. That shit stopped after middle school. u/EyezOnFyre

4. The whole food pyramid thing with 724 daily servings of bread products on the bottom. u/jeffh4

5. “You’re not going to have a calculator with you all the time.” u/TwoDrinkDave

6. The entire D.A.R.E. Program, if anyone remembers that. u/Tying_pyrope

7. Different parts of your tongue taste sweet/bitter etc. u/STARS_mbr

8. The Earth is only 3-5000 years old. I was homeschooled and went to a private Christian school before i got to public school. u/Tindola

9. When were learning about AIDS/HIV they impressed upon us that if you so much as shook hands with someone with it, you were going to die. We know this isn’t true. u/AtlantisSky

10. Pluto will always be a planet in my heart. u/fakingandnotmakingit

11. Formal education is the key to success. u/colonycom

12. the lore behind the first American thanksgiving. u/Acceptable-Owl

13. Shaving made hair grow back thicker. And we were told wearing a baseball cap on the crown of your head makes you go bald. u/Graceland1979

14. We were taught Christopher Columbus discovered the land that is now the US. Of course, later I learned the bastard didn’t discover shit and literally never came to the land that is now the US. Good times. u/EdithWhartsonsFarts

15. “The Civil War was fought over States Rights” that lie is big in the South. u/BigGooseDuck

16. That we are born with all the brain cells we will ever have because new brain cells can’t be created. It turned out that the belief was based on monkeys in cages –they don’t create new brain cells but monkeys who live in enriched environments with outdoor access and the ability to explore do create new brain cells. u/Morninglarke

17. “George Washington had wooden teeth” He… did not. u/Squids_R_cool_1273

18. That America sometimes has to go to other countries and “save them” from their ways. u/TheCuteJeff

19. As an American, that America is the greatest country in the world. And that patriotism is not all it’s cracked up to be. u/bigjohnminnesota

20. That slaves built the pyramids. u/Ok-Run3329

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  1. 9. Anthony Fauci was in charge of AIDS / HIV research and he wasted years going after a vaccine.

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