15 Individuals Who Successfully Captured The Perfect Moment

“My kid and cat this morning”

“The cat my Dad didn’t want”

“I was taking a picture of this cloud that looks like a feather when a bird flew into the shot.”

“A group of fungi growing out of the wall in my house.”

“My dad texts me and says my dog went missing, 20 minutes later he sends me this.”

“The way this tag frayed looks like my jacket has been inhabited by a large insect.”

“My cat sleeping upside down looks like an angry bunny.”

“My dog slipping on wet rocks”

“Spotted two presumed strangers eating across from separate people; both wearing striped rugby polos at the same table, only a few feet apart.”

“Was trying to show off the new oleander blooms and got bombed by the neighbor’s dog”

“We were taking a Christmas family picture and Comet ended up photobombing at the perfect moment.”

“I caught a firework that lined up perfectly with the top of an onlooker’s head this weekend.”

“It seems that someone wanted to be the only protagonist in the photo.”

“This tiny bubble landed on a cactus and didn’t pop.”

“My daughter and I. My friend is the one hanging out in my armpit.”

“Tree stopped by a fence, inches from the roof of the car. It was unscathed and parked in the same spot the next day.”

“This pinecone fell precisely so as to get stuck on the power line.”

“Someone thought a photo of only girls would be very boring.”

“Surprised before executing its plan”

“Amazing sunrise on my way to work today”

“Snapped this photo in the spring of my son and his dog Jolene”

“The skier in the back appeared out of nowhere, but he was ready for the photo.”

“Photobombed by a creepy doll”

“How my colleagues cat Leon sleeps”

“The 2 men in my life napping”

“My tea residue looks like a sitting dog.”

“My tap’s water goes exactly through one of the sink holes.”

“Found a dead bee inside my honey.”

“I don’t think a photo has ever so perfectly captured my cat’s personality.”

Source: brightside.me

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