30 Exceptional Individuals Who Have Managed To Astonish Us

“It’s the king of ’not my job’.”

“He lost his hands to meningitis, so we built him Black Panther bionic arms.”

“I wrapped our white elephant gifts in the shape of a toilet and a giant plunger.”

“I wore a crab costume to college for the whole day.”

“I took all the precautions to deep-fry the turkey this year.”

“Someone mailed a potato.”

“It is going to be our first Christmas with our cat, Mr. Gray. I’m not leaving it up to chance.”

“I made a life-size Stranger Things Demogorgon out of gingerbread.”

“My kid left a face print in the sand.”

“Still happy together.”

“My husband gifted me a bucket list item for my birthday this year. I got to go play with baby otter pups!”

“Thankful son outside of Salem Hospital”

“Fighting a battle every day. 7 Stone off. I’m still me.”

“My wife’s dart got stuck in the back of another dart.”

“He is a receptionist at a radio station, and he was trying to make me laugh too.”

“The way our regular Amazon delivery driver dressed for Christmas Eve.”

“Donating plasma for my 33rd birthday.”

“My co-worker crocheted this for my niece for Christmas.”

“Here is my Mexican coworker. He wore this all day while we served enchiladas and guacamole.”

“Me and my friends managed to rescue 2 sea turtles from an illegal fish net.”

“Cruising around town hoping to help folks smile a bit.”

“Grandma’s buddy at craft time. I love her smile!”

“My 8yo daughter has been growing her hair for nearly 2 years to donate it to a charity that makes wigs for cancer kids that cannot afford them.”

“First-year coaching! Every game is a win in my book.”

“Here are the final pics of my pool mural.”

“Our neighbors invited us to a party and told us they’d provide snacks. They didn’t disappoint.”

“Here is an origami dwarf I folded.”

“Desaturated Santa is still the best costume I’ve ever done.”

“I turned my regular boring Christmas tree into a Whoville tree.”

Source: brightside.me

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