15 Innovative Designs Improving Daily Living

“My daughter’s first grade classroom has desks with pedals so kids can move while learning.”

“These marks let you know when it’s time to get new tires.”

“Hair pin in the brush!”

“The box for my new cat-themed board game includes a spot for your real cat to sit while you play.”

“This TV remote with a whole keyboard on the back.”

“This microwave in my hotel room has USB ports and a plug socket.”

“Arthritis cream with a screw on top designed to give the user more torque, making it easier to open.”

“Wheelchair accessible, water bottle filler and dog bowl in one.”

“This USB device shows the storage being used without plugging it in.”

“This jacket has a little hole that you can see your watch through.”

“A urinal that flushes by washing your hands.”

“These button cut outs on my iron.”

“A curved escalator in Japan.”

“This pickle jar came with a scoop to pull them above the juice.”

“The way this portable cutlery fits together.”

“When you enter Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World, you really feel like you’re in the movie.”

“My local sushi place delivers the soy sauce with sushi in these tiny fish-shaped bottles.”

“Fair exposition of Yoga pants at local Nike store”

“Someone crocheted a tire cover.”

“This toilet sign I found in a shopping arcade. It was really pleasing to the eye.”

“This donut shop looks like a donut box.”

“My vacuum cleaner filter displays taps when it’s wet after cleaning, so you know when it’s fully dry.”

“These campaign mini-tents give an idea of what they look like in real size.”

“The ceiling lights in this medical test lab are in the form of Electrocardiogram (ECG).”

Source: brightside.me

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