30+ Times When Disaster Almost Happened

“Tree Tried To Murder My Car. Survived Without A Scratch (1967 Plymouth Belvedere)”

“My Vanity Mirror Fell In My Bathroom. It Was Saved From Shattering By My Toothbrush”

“Had An Electrical Fire Last Night. A Conveniently Placed Water Line Burst From The Heat And Put It Out”

“Bullet Came Through The Window. Passed A Few Inches Over My Brother Sleeping And Embedded In The Wall”

“Tripped And Shot My Boot With A 3 1/2″ Framing Nail. Went Between My Toes Leaving Just A Minor Scratch”

“My Son Has Had His Learner’s Permit For A Year To Get His License In Two Weeks. I Asked Him To Repark The Cars In The Yard So I Could Clean The Driveway”

“He called me in tears because he “crashed” a tire on the tire. No damage. Lucky son”

“This Is Jeremiah. Jeremiah Wore Safety Goggles While Angle Grinding. Jeremiah Still Has His Right Eye. Be Like Jeremiah”

“Sometimes It Pays To Have A Dirty Car. My Son Got Rear-Ended Last Night, The Other Driver Was Aggressive And Left Without Exchanging Info”

“These Coins Stopped A Bullet And Saved My Great-Grandfather’s Life During World War 1”

“We Were Seconds Away From Losing Our Home To The California Fire. Thank You To All The Firefighters That Saved Our Community”

“This Is Why You Wear A Full Helmet. My Friend Was Hit By Someone Who Ran A Red Light. If He Had Wore A Skull Cap, He’d Have No Lower Jaw”

“Friend Was Driving Down The Road And A Tree Fell On The Bed Of His Truck, Missing Passengers In The Back Seat And Horses In The Trailer He Was Pulling”

“Good Karma: No Flat Tire And A New Good Lucky Charm In The Process”

“Truck Goes Over Bridge, Is Saved By Safety Chains Hooked Up To RV”

“A Second Glance Saved Me From Living A Nightmare Tonight”

“Dropped My Keys At Work Today”

“This Man’s Phone Was Pierced With An Arrow While He Was Taking A Picture Of Another Man Threatening To Shoot Him”

“Too Close For Comfort”

“Close Call, Nail Didn’t Even Graze Fingers”

“Got A Paint Chip In My Eye Today. Contact Lense Saved Me”

“I Was Trying To Eat And Drive On My Way To My First Day Of Work Today, And My Seatbelt Saved Me. Always Wear Your Seatbelt”

“The Cat Knocked My Daughter’s Fish Bowl Off The Dresser”

“Dropped My Crumpet Over My Cup Of Tea And Thought I’d Lost It, Turns Out I’m Rather Lucky Today”

“Buddy’s Car Nearly Slides Into Thy River, Stopped Just In Time”

“Dropped My Phone And Had A Huge “Whew” Moment When It Didn’t Fall In. Drove Off, Realized My S Pen Is Missing 20 Minutes Later. Came Back And Couldn’t Believe My Luck”

“This Close Call Cut A Sheet Of Metal In My Work Gloves”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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