15 Jobs That Aren’t As Cool As They Sound

“I’m a Forensic Scientist and it’s literally the only thing people ask me about on dating apps. It’s very technical work and it’s extremely routine.”



“Park Ranger. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but a lot of days it was less “talk about cool animals while wearing your ranger hat” and more “the toilets are overflowing again, go clean the septic tank filter and stir the tank with a shovel.” With a little bit of “hey there’s a methed out guy down by the bridge, can you convince him to leave without killing anyone.” All for the low price of $26k/year with a college degree!”


“Barnes and Noble, your job has literally NOTHING to do with books & it obviously attracts a lot of that type, myself included.”



“I do closed captioning.

While I joke that yes, I get paid to watch TV, it’s actually very tedious. And if you don’t actually enjoy the programming you’re being forced to watch something you don’t care for.

Or worse, if it’s something I do enjoy like a long form drama, we usually chop those up into 15 minute increments and split between everyone so I only see chunks and not always even in order it actually ruins the show for me.”


“Working in a flower shop. It’s just like any other retail job, but people constantly tell you how fun your job must be. Also helping grieving families chose funeral flowers is not fun.”



“I’m a marine biologist. I spent the last week measuring defrosted fish heads.”


“Not a specific job but traveling for work. I’m in tech and a lot of people starting out talk about wanting to go to customer sites and get “out in the field”… I love to travel for fun but it’s hard to fit in the fun stuff when you have presentations and stuff to worry about and a lot of times your customers aren’t in the fun cities anyway. I also think I prefer the stability in day-to-day schedule of traveling less frequently.”



“Well I’m a scientist. I don’t know if people usually think of that career as fun, but I think people think it’s a lot more “Eureka!” and a lot less “this data’s has to be manually processed for 600 hours before I can analyze it.”


“Although not necessarily bad, Beekeeping.

Get used to the constant sound of buzzing during hive inspections/swarm removals plus wearing the protective suit in hot @$$ weather for hours on end (give or take the situation). Also, there appears to be a large number of beekeepers allergic to bees so epipens are a must.”



“Video editor. The more I do it the more I can’t be arsed.”


“Video game testing.

I’ve been working in the game industry for 6 years now, and teaching for 2.

Testing video games is thought to be just “oh you just play games all day? LOLOLOLOL” but it’s actually very specific and arduous.

First of all, there a bunch of testing metholodogies such as load/soak testing, white room testing, version testing to name a few, but the most common one is functionality testing.

Functionality testing is “so if I walk into that corner with the shotgun in my inventory, I can clip through the wall, but if I have my M16 in my inventory, I don’t clip through.”


“Baker. Coming into work at 3/4 am so you can have a six am baked goods is miserable.”




Everyone wants to break shit with a sledgehammer. Everyone is tired of lifting that sledgehammer by 5 swings.

Nobody wants to load the broken stuff into bags or a wheelbarrow and take it to the dumpster.”


“Paleontologist. You don’t get to work with full dinosaur skeletons and do all kinds of awesome expeditions. You’re mostly sitting at a desk looking at some pictures and logging stuff on your computer, maybe examining a fossil occasionally. If you’re lucky you can go on a real dig, and OMG SPEND HOURS IN THE HOT SUN DUSTING OFF ROCKS!!!”




All the ones we see on TV and movies are the 0.0001% of incredibly lucky and talented people who managed to thrive in a hostile and overcrowded industry.

And even when you are working, the actual job itself is 99% sitting on apple crate in hot makeup waiting for some grips to move a lighting fixture. Then you say three lines over and over again for an hour, and then you wrap.”


“Being a Character Performer at Disney. The day to day work is EXHAUSTING in ways I never thought possible. Guests are ridiculously abusive…I’ve had things said and done to me I never would have imagined. The company isn’t always great – it highly depends on your leadership. And there’s so much focus on your body and face (good and BAD) that it can be incredibly depressing and difficult emotionally.”


“Dog groomer. Its like working with children but with the added danger of one of them ripping your face off if you’re not careful. Very stressful!”


“Lawyer, no it isn’t like they show on TV.

Hey, finally case is before the judge, crap the other party didn’t show up. Next date that judge has given is 3 months away.”


“Working in a music store ( musical instruments )

Your days are spent listening to 50 different people play 50 different riffs poorly simultaneously, as if they’re all putting on their own concert.”



“Trimming weed, Idk why people think working with weed is like working in the willy wonka factory, it’s not. You literally get to make tiny cuts with sticky scissors for 8 hours.”


“Cyber Security. Bro, the movies do us no justice. Hacking is not as fast nor is it as easy as the media makes it. It’s a great field but you spend a lot of time researching or watching paint dry, especially in the gov side.”



“Bar bouncer. Hours of tension and boredom interrupted by moments of adrenaline fueled fear for your life. Then some @$$hole pukes cheap booze on your shoes.’



Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to be around so many amazing animals and care for them…

But the smells are ridiculously, insanely foul.

I have a really strong stomach and it’s still tough for me…we’ve had some interns quit over it.

I was warned about the smells when getting into the field, but thought “oh I’ve volunteered at animal shelters, I know what animal stink smells like”

Nope. Not even close.”


“Theme park security guard/ride assistant (yes they’re the same job). People constantly come at you with the stupidest questions and entitled attitude, all the while your bosses force you to work extra hours everyday because they don’t have the nerve to tell people to go once it’s closing time.”



“Lifeguarding. Everyone expects baywatch, act, saving lives all the time. But It’s usually just sitting there blowing your whistle telling little s@#ts to stop f@#king around.”


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