20 Designs That Are Not Okay At All

“Such a flexible girl!”

“Why is there a road and clouds on the roof of the bus? Also, the driver seems a little off balance.”

“One of these toys has its mouth above its nose and the other one has its tongue on its chin.”

“This case is not inside out. The handles stop the zippers from closing all the way.”

“Why is she putting butter on her hand?”

“Who thought that silver text on yellow packaging was a good idea? I guess it’s a mystery serum!”

“This is not how bows work.”

“Somehow Spider-Man is able to keep a hot drink in his cup while upside down.”

“A measuring scale — but on a non-transparent bottle”

“My hammock says it’s made for 1 person but it has a picture of 2.”

“I was shopping for a ceiling fan and found this giant beauty.”

“We’ll whiten ALL your teeth.”

“Graphic design is my passion.”

“This is a case where designers don’t care about proportions. Look at the tiny pots and the giant berries.”

“Menu at a Thai restaurant”

“This is a weird name for a pizza place”

“Ah yes, through the power of dark magic, this waffle maker can somehow produce a pumpkin pattern.”

“Is it a duck, a stork, or a turkey? Answer: Yes.”

“Yes, now it looks amazing. It’s OK to print.”

“We wonder what music he’s listening to.”

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