15 People Who Are Completely Dedicated To Their Work

“Dad devoted years to planning a school in Africa. Today was the opening.”

’’I’m a rescuer and got a call for this guy while dying my hair.’’

’’Teachers at my high school got their head shaved in order to raise money for the children’s hospital.’’

’’My dad has been a UPS driver for over 30 years. This is what he wears through the holidays while delivering packages.’’

’’Mike, our security guard plays the bagpipes for the kids on the first day of school to celebrate a new successful year.’’

’’One of my mom’s coworkers at the nursing home found a way to cheer everyone up.’’

’’My dad is the superintendent at a school. Each day he helps get the kids off the bus and shakes their hands.’’

’’My daughter couldn’t be at school for her birthday. So her teacher gathered the whole class for half an hour zoom call.’’

’’My brother is a Special Education teacher and a Second Degree Black Belt. Here he is ’Promoting Reading’.”

’’My dad is a carpenter, and it is very interesting to see how much our house has changed since we moved in.’’

’’My fiancé’s mother is a teacher and created her classroom in her new home office.’’

’’The nurses at our pediatrician clinic are dressed up as the TMNT to cheer up the kids.’’

’’I’m a paramedic and during a street fair I decided to put in use my puppeteering skills and teach kids how to bandage the muppet.’’

’’My dad is a teacher. For Halloween, he went to school in a jetpack that he spent a week making. Made a lot of kids smile.’’

“My musician friend likes to sing to the elderly in front of their homes.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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