49 Awesome Examples Of Real-Life Inception

“Fish Mascot Has More Layers Than It Seems”

“A Ship Shipping Ship Shipping Shipping Ships”

“Today My Boyfriend Accidentally Broke The Ear Off Of His Dog Statue, Which He’s Had For Twelve Years, And Discovered Another Smaller Dog Inside… I Have So Many Questions”

“How Are They Already On The Textbook If They Are Posing For It”

“Japanese Mascot Kumamon Putting His Face Through His Own Cutout”

“This Candle Which Makes A New Candle From Its Melted Wax”

“This Ducks Beak Looks Like A Duck”

“Found This Hammer In The Airbnb I’m Staying In. I Was Intrigued To Discover It Rattled. Then I Discovered The Extra Health Bars!”

“Though This Place Was Closing But It Was Just Entering Phase 2”

“This Second Window Created By Ice”

“Bottle Of Rum Within A Bottle Of Vodka”

“The Room Before The Final Boss Where The Game Lets You Stock Up”

“Pulling Up The The Flooring In My Porch To Reveal More Flooring”

“My Headphones With An Adapter Actually Already Had The Correct Piece Screwed Under The End”

“This Car That Has A Smaller Car Inside It”

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