15 Photos Of Dads That Can’t Resist Their Babies’ Cuteness

“My son caught his first fish today at our neighbor pond. He was pretty excited.”

“My submission for cutest baby ever: The first girl born into my family in over 100 years! I’m in love. :)”

“Caught possibly the best photo of my 2-week-old daughter.”

“Dressed like my daughter today.”

“My son and his dog. Nap time in ‘my tent.’ Heart melting.”

“She held my hand while we watched TV… *melted*”

“It’s the things she does by accident, like this chocolate mustache, that melt my heart the most.”

“Yesterday at the zoo made my heart melt.”

“Being able to witness moments like this just melt my heart. I love being a dad.”

“Moments like these are what melt my heart…”

“It’s the little things that keep you going. This was the other day and the first time my daughter wouldn’t let me leave the house. I pretended to be upset, but my heart was melting.”

Who needs a barber when you have a baby?

“Mornings are the best.”

“I call this me dadding at 110%. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.”

“She helped put together her first bike. She’s a good helper.”

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