15 Photos Of Some Extraordinary Things

’’I can’t unsee the chihuahua’s face on this bread.’’

’’I opened my pill bottle and this is how the pills were lined up in the opening.’’

’’My friend grew a helix carrot.’’

’’One of the penguins escaped while I was at the zoo.’’

’’This is how my glass of water broke.’’

’’A cucumber that I grew contained a disgruntled cat face.’’

’’Those tulips look like they’re trying to escape.’’

’’My friend just found the smallest banana.’’

’’This is how my cat sits on the new sofa.’’

’’My onion started sprouting, so I decided to see how much it would grow.’’

’’My dryer learned how to braid today.’’

’’How the cola stayed on top’’

’’My dog learned how to use the doorbell.’’

’’This tree growing entirely on a wall’’

’’So, this happened today…’’

Source: brightside.me

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