36 Photos That Are Extremely Annoying

“Beekeeper’s Life Work Destroyed By Arsonists Who Trashed His Hives, Sheds And Greenhouse”

“Kenya’s Only Female White Giraffe And Her Calf Killed By Poachers”

“If Only Fruits Came With A Natural Seal Or Covering”

“Someone In My Hometown Plants Razors In Sausages Just To Be Cruel To The Local Dogs’

“Plastic Is The New Paper!”

“First Day Of Lockdown Restrictions Eased”

“My Mom’s Boyfriend Threw Away My 9 Year Old Collection Of LEGO Just Because I Hadn’t Played With It In A While. There Are Sets From The 1990s In There And Also Sets In The Harry Potter Series”

“Kid Destroys $15,000 LEGO Sculpture An Hour After New Exhibit Opens”

“A Drunk Driver Drove Into My Parents Home. Truck Landed On My Brothers Bed While He Was Sleeping”

“The Beach Near My House After The Tourist Left”

“App Doesn’t Let You Tip What You Want”

“Somebody Put Chewing Gum In The USB-Outlets On The Bus”

“I Let My Sister Borrow My Laptop Last Night, Woke Up To This”

“This Pressure Washing Job”

“The “Window Seat” I Paid Extra To Book Ahead Of Time On My 13 Hour Flight”

“What My Cousin Did To My Newton’s Cradle” 

“A Road Was Built To Go Through These Castle Ruins (Kajaani, Finland)”

“My School Disabled Offline Editing And I Can’t Do My Work”

“How The Hell Does This Count As A Lunch?”

“Why Even Get My Missing Assignments Done If The Best I Can Get Is 22%”

Source: www.reddit.com

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