15 Photos Of Things That Are Easy To Lose But Very Hard To Find

1. “We’re getting a new kitchen countertop soon. Making sandwiches will be easier.”

2. “Took me a minute to find my bag last night.”

3. “A friend thought they lost their wallet — found it magnetized to their car.”

4. “Couldn’t find my shirt in the hotel room.”

5. “I lost this ring a couple of years ago…found it when I was about to replace my monitor!”

6. Cats are also easy to lose. Try to spot one.

7. “Put a couple of my 3 color desert camouflage uniforms in the sand and they blended in pretty well!”

8. Try to find another furry pet.

9. “Phone camo in the studio”

10. “My year-old Muji pen that I thought was lost yesterday.”

11. “A long-lost AirPod in my vacuum”

12. “We couldn’t find the iPhone for a minute or 2.”

13. “Couldn’t find the cork after it flew out of the bottle.”

14. They simply don’t care that someone wants to sit there.

15. “Spot the cat (she’s annoyed).”

16. “Shhh, I’m a branch.”

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