27 Photos Show That Time May Have Quite Strange Consequences

“Here’s the patina on a knife I made a year ago.”

“My old skate shoes vs my buddy’s new ones.”

“All the letters on my girlfriend’s lotion bottle started falling off.”

“Our 1-year progress.”

“This death trap my wife calls an oven mitt.”

“New vs. 3 year old cat scratching post.”

“This key after 10 years of entering orders at my grandmother’s shop.”

“The patch on my jeans came off revealing its original color.”

“This tube of toothpaste discolored for years by the sun.”

“Boyfriend bought me a new alpaca (left) after I slept with the old one (right) every night for 6 years.”

“Finally got around to replacing the casters on my 1950s wooden banker’s chair.”

“Finally got a new pair of work gloves… 2 year gap.”

“The wear around this salon seat.”

“Manhole cover, old vs new.”

“Dug up a very old orange crush can in my garden yesterday.”

“Greasy head stains in doctors waiting room.”

“New Yoda vs 2 years old Yoda.”

“My friend’s childhood towel after 20 years.”

“This box of crayons at the corner gas station lost most of its color.”

“25 years of use vs brand new stored in closet.”

“This jigsaw has sat on my coffee table for so long it fused into a flexible mat.”

“We found this almost identical jacket outside an op shop today.”

“I think it was about time for new tires on my RC car.”

“Climbing brush, ~8 years of use (bottom) vs no use (top).”

“Plastic keyboard cover at work. I work at a dentist‘s practice in Germany.”

“You ‘nose’ its been touched a lot.”

Credits:  old.reddit.com

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