15 Photos Show Why South Korea Is So Different

“Korea Has Sun Umbrellas On Sidewalks”

“There are umbrellas to shade people from the sun and at first I thought this is very pointless, but when it got really hot in Korea I was standing under there myself and was really thankful for it.”

“Fitting Rooms Have Facecovers To Put Over Your Head So That You Don’t Get Makeup On Your Clothes”

“South Korea Has Large Air Purifiers In The Subway Stations”

“Some Restaurants In Seoul Have Hair Ties For People To Tie Up Their Hair While Eating”

“South Korean Stores Have Umbrella Dryers”

“Sometimes You Get A Free Snack With A Note With Your Delivery”

“I ordered chicken in Korea and it came with a free snack and behind the snack there was a handwritten note, sooo sweet.”

“There Are Air Dust Free Zones”

“Korea has poor air quality this is why we’ve been wearing facemasks way before and these are air-dust free zones made for people waiting people for the bus to go into to get fresh air and stay away from all the dust”

“In Korea It’s Very Common For People To Leave Their Belongings Unattended While Going To The Bathroom Or Stepping Out For A Few Minutes”

“Most Restaurants Keep Utensils In The Side Drawers On Each Table”

“In Incheon Airport They Have A Robot To Assist You And An Airporter To Bring Your Carry-On To Your Gate”

“A Mat That Automatically Removes Dust From Underneath You Shoes When You Walk On It”

“You Might See Someone Walking A Raccoon On A Leash”

“Korean Public Bathrooms Often Have Bar Soap Only”

“Most Doors In Korea Are Push Auto Doors Where You Have To Physically Press The Button Mounted On The Door For It Open”

“Gift Shops Are Filled With Unusual Stock”

“These are prescription bags that say ‘Love Medicine’ and medicine bottles and boxes filled with snacks, really cute cookies you can bake, huge variety of cute paper bags and plastic goodie bags”

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