35 Examples Of Some Really Creative Approaches

“It didn’t snow enough for snowmen here in Texas, so my friend got creative.”

“My friend couldn’t find a leash for his dog. We improvised.”

“Was feeling a bit depressed and low, so I decided to get up and treat myself to some power wash therapy.”

“I have a birth defect that made me have a little foot. So I had Little Foot tattooed on my little foot.”

“My cat has to wear a cone and was feeling sorry for herself so I thought I’d play a game with her to cheer her up.”

“I attached my dog to my sleeping wife so I didn’t have to hold him.”

“My mom didn’t know how to take a screenshot so she improvised with the scanner.”

“So I made my prom dress out of soda pop tabs.”

“My son wanted to be a mailbox for Halloween. I delivered. He’s the one on the right, the UPS drop box is real.”

“I cracked my iPhone screen, so I scanned it and designed a custom wallpaper by coloring in the cracked areas.”

“This is how my wife is getting our 2-year-old to eat veggies.”

“My cats sit in the front window, so I made this poster.”

“The computers at my vet are suspended with eyebolts and leashes so they don’t get spoiled by pets.”

“My little sister attached a jump rope to her handlebars so ’it’s like riding a horse!’”

“Mother Nature let us down, so we made our own snowflakes.”

“Moved into my first apartment, realized I lacked adequate furniture. The decision came fast.”

“Good boy hurt his leg 2.5 miles up a mountain hike. Emergency transport was made quickly.”

“Got my gran an iPod Nano for Christmas but forgot to get her a case. So she did what most grannies would do.”

“Kept losing my cat inside my parents’ house during Christmas break, so this was my solution.”

“So I couldn’t decide on which color to use on my eyes, so I chose them all.”

“Use a magnet clip to hang a hand towel on the dishwasher so it doesn’t fall off.”

“How to protect your extension cords.”

“My wife taught me that if I use a cheese grater on a cold stick of butter, it’s easier to spread on toast and muffins.”

“How to setup angle brackets. Tape them up to simply attach.”

“Kid’s soccer goal for some speedy bagging.”

“Brooms work quite well when putting lights up on tall trees!”

“Mug in the middle, cereal supply all around. Add the cereal to the milk in small batches. Then it’s easy to drink the flavored milk.”

“Use old cardboard rolls to keep wrapping paper tidy.”

“Preheat your boots with hot tap water in long English Muffin bags while you eat the muffins for breakfast.”

“The tangle-free way to store Christmas lights. It’s simple and I never would have thought of this.”

“If the leaves are soaked, use a snow shovel instead of a rake.”

“Use binder clips to stow away headphones in luggage, drawers, etc.”

“Instant drink holder in the car! Yet another function to add to the millions of uses for a roll of duct tape.”

“When drilling into a wall, tape a bag beneath the hole to catch the debris. Also works with little chip bags!”

“I’ve been storing my headphones in this sour candy case for years, wanted to share.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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