15+ Photos That Need Some Explanation

“Just a ‘hi’ from the bottom of my hand soap.”

“Something fishy about these storm drains.”

“Carved mushroom, found on a random forest trail.”

“Opened up my keyboard and found this on the case.”

“Horse with eyes on front of its head.”

“Joots spotted at a vintage shop in Texas.”

“This was gifted to a family member.”

“Really well done and pointless.”

“I got a cool looking mask after eye surgery.”

“An artpiece exhibited for the birthday of art manifestation.”

“We were given a toilet light but it’s stuck on red which is the most terrifying color to have glowing from your toilet.”

“This door that says it’s not a door.”

“I was walking down the street when…”

“This little carpeted room next to my bedroom door.”

“I found this inside an Amazon delivery box.”

Source: brightside.me

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