40 Photos Full Of Awesomeness

“This randomly illuminated patch of street.”

“Coffee randomly matched my socks”

“This Cell tower disguised as a palm tree in Egypt.”

“This gear from a WWII Navy battleship gearbox is enormous. My hand for scale.”

“A jacket was hung on this door so long it created an imprint as sunlight faded the color around it.”

“Powdered milk premixed with cereal.”

“This frozen puddle looks like a topigraphical map.”

“Germany has vending machines for meat products.”

“There were fish shapes in my onion.”

“The “Amerika” isle in a German supermarket.”

“I have an uncanny resemblance to the Freya carving at EPCOT’s stave church.”

“This 57-year old telegram my grandpa sent my grandma”

“My fingers turn deathly pale sometimes.”

“My Walgreens brand Tylenol capsule is just a pill with a removable shell on either side.”

“This diner offers burgers up to 105 lbs”

“The extremely uneven stairs used to reinforce firefighters proper procedure”

“Giant espresso martini the restaurant I work at just added to the menu”

“Bangkok subway station shows how many calories you will burn by taking the stairs”

“This piece of equipment has a “don’t care” button?

“Two white Toyota Tacomas in a row with the same dent…”

“The way this tag frayed looks like my jacket has been inhabited by a large insect.”

“This elevator in my accommodation is very well prepared for any emergency.”

“This painting at the hotel I’m staying in has hinges on it’s left-side.”

“These napkins in a hotel in Switzerland that allow you to give your details to people.”

“A random bright pink house on an abandoned grain silo”

“The neck of my guitar after 15+ years of regular use”

“100 year old can of fried grasshoppers from Japan”

“This house I passed today has a smaller version of itself as a bird house”

“The marble floor in our elevator contains the fossil of a nautilus shell.”

“Robin Williams silhouette in the shower”

“Cactus fruit that looks like a mini pineapple”

“One of the eggs I bought from a tray at the store is all wrinkly.”

‘”This halfway bloomed Sunflower.”

“The size of this hotel key keyring that I now have to carry everywhere with me for the next few days.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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