16 Remarkable And Engaging Discoveries To Explore

A microwave mailbox.

This Ceramic Vessel Built Before 600 AD

“The print on my daughter’s crib sheet doesn’t show on her monitor.”

“My yellow pepper came with a green pepper inside.”

“This bi- colored leaf I found today”

This grape getting strangled by its own stem

“This instant peanut butter machine at a breakfast buffet”

This plant replica urinal

“A reflection from my friend’s phone created a Pink Floyd album cover on her hazard button”

“The hotel I’m staying at is serving full honeycomb for breakfast.”

“My parent use a second hand professional toaster oven in their home”

Blue peas?

“My Lyft driver in Seoul using a magnifying glass to see directions on his phone”

“Fluorescent eyedrops showing scratches on my cornea”

Japanese gum comes with a pad of paper to wrap it up and throw it away later.

“This is what my average (double) cabin on the oil rig looks like”

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