44 Pics That Made Us Go, ‘Hmm, Interesting!

“My cat has wide spaced eyes”

“A globe that shows elevation”

“Matt is on both locks, but with different partners.”

“This is What the Start of a River Looks Like”

“This sushi restaurant gave me a Pokémon card with my check.”

“One of my sausages pressurized it’s wrapper”

“Two, random, yet almost identical, boomers”

“Hypermoble thumbs allow me to make them non opposable if I want”

“Same flavor and brand of sports drink bought from two different Costcos have a different color”

“My fiancee’s beanie babies collection”

“My Ford Ranger compared to my coworkers Ford F350. My truck is the height of his windows”

“Got a Tide Pod with nothing in it”

“Grandfather’s child size coal mine helmet and paybag.”

“This Bathroom tells you what stalls are open or not”

“This frog (toad) jumped in my campfire and got carbonized overnight”

“Japanese gum comes with a pad of paper to wrap it up and throw it away later.”

“A reflection from my friend’s phone created a Pink Floyd album cover on her hazard button”

“This bi- colored leaf I found today”

“Fake IDs confiscated in a college town.”

“My Lyft driver in Seoul using a magnifying glass to see directions on his phone”

“This pepper I grew looks just like a fruit roll up”

“This Ceramic Vessel Built Before 600 AD”

“This one water fill station has avoided almost a million plastic bottles”

“My apartment was built roughly 100 years ago and still had the original milk doors for the milkman”

“Every end of my fingers are curved up permanently”

“My Company has an Office for “Harold” Potter”

“My coworker has a collection binder of different sauce packets”

“Large needle from a set of police spike strips”

“A massive dam built entirely by beavers. A man for scale.”

“One year old bananas”

“This lamp has been burning continuously for 2 years”

“The Ketamine clinic I go to has an office cat”

“This McDonald’s Burger looks like the picture instead of a slab of meat haphazardly tossed together.”

“Gas for $0 a gallon at closing BP”

“This warning label for people with peanut allergies”

“Someone nailed up a lost cat flyer with 2 grill thermometers”

“This wrinkly tomato that grew in my garden”

“My fries got stuck to each other and formed a symbol”

“These grapes I got from Sam’s”

“The plane’s shadow inside a tiny circular rainbow”

Source: www.reddit.com

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