16 Strange Things That Are Quite Awesome

“This opossum observing at my wife’s lab in Australia”

“Bees overtook the car next to mine during the 10 minutes I was in the store!”

“Found all of this inside an armchair I bought today.”

“The Airbnb I’m staying at has a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat.”

“I saw thousands of mallards gathered on a frozen pond last winter. At least one was suspicious of me.”

“A branch I cut off today had a little star in the center.”

“What running in a −24°F windchill did to my lashes”

“I wanted to bring LEGO Orchid and nature together in one photo. This squirrel was my best model!”

Credits: brightside.me

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  1. Possum is the Australian creature, Opossum is its American cousin.

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