17 Animals Who Blend In With The Surroundings

“This bathroom rug has a tail — oh, wait!”

“I chose the new kitchen tiles because I liked the look of them. Did not realize how well the dog matched it until I literally tripped over her.”

“This kitty can blend in with the background just as good as a chameleon.”

“I almost trip over her every time I go up the stairs.”

“Quite a risky color choice for a chair if there’s a black cat in the house…”

“Total gray”

“Not allowed on the bed but thinks no one can see him.”

“My dog’s BFF stayed with us for a few days and camouflaged amazingly well against the throw we use on our dog bed.”

“My pet mouse blends with my partner’s pajamas.”

“Please be careful going up the stairs!”

“My cat disappears into the deck!”

“Where is Lola? We can’t find her anywhere!”

“Catouflage at its best”

“A pawsome match!”

“I went to take a nap and found my bed purring.”

“This cat could probably go unnoticed in the snow-covered garden if it wasn’t wearing a red collar.”

“The way my cat blends into our blanket”

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