17 Best Products Of The Week To Buy

Everybody needs a good fixed-blade knife. This right here is probably the best first bushcraft/camp/survival knife you can get

The best budget gaming monitor out there and second is not even close

If you clothes is coming out of the washing machine still smelling like shit, using this will make things right

Buy yourself a good pillow. You use it every night and the difference between a good pillow and a stack of cheap ones is almost immediately noticeable

This $12 product will save you hundreds of dollars in future plumbing costs

Brush your tongue with a toothbrush, then scrape it with a tongue scraper and watch dark nasty shit come off of it. Your toothbrush is missing a huge amount of visible material, plus who knows what else at the microscopic level

Your printer won’t let you print black text because it doesn’t have any magenta?! Fuck Inkjet Printers! Laser Printers are well worth the investment. Replacement toner costs $25 and lasts about 2500 pages!

I bought a laser printer about 5 years ago. Still using the same toner cartridge and it works just fine. Seriously, if you have an inkjet, throw it out and get a laser. When I very rarely must have color, I just go to Fedex to print.

This lamp is your desk’s best friend. It has six levels of brightness and five different light temperatures and you can save your favorite temperature and brightness setting, so you can quickly flip on the perfect lighting

These nail clippers are the best! Cuts nails like a hot knife through butter…not like those ones made in ‘Chyna’.

Made with high grade tempered stainless steel. Made in Japan.

“I always hated using my cast iron pan because cleaning it was such a chore. I wouldn’t want to use a sponge because it would get disgusting, paper towels would essentially deteriorate away in my hand, and just running water over it would never do the trick. NOW using this awesome product I don’t mind using my cast iron at all!”

This Mexican spice is like crack! Instantly turns fruits and veggies tnto addictive snacks

How to Turn Your TV Into a Giant External Monitor

Really great minimalist style wallet that holds everything you need and doesn’t take up too much space in your pocket

If you don’t like the metal texture of the Ridge Wallet, this minimlaist leather wallet is just as great!

A Simple Phone Stand With Over 18,000 Reviews. There’s something to be said for simple elegance, and this cell phone stand fully encapsulates that. With black aluminum alloy and a sleek, minimalist design, the lightweight contraption is compatible with most iPhones and Androids.

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