17 Cool Things People Found In Their Attics

“This device is used to measure lengths on maps. Simply roll it along streets you want to use and it tells you the distance.”

“I found a 6-person-long camping chair online.”

“My toaster has a window to analyze its progress.”

“This cup my mom bought me looks like a crumpled tin can.”

“My USB flash drive has an indicator to show how full it is.”

“This radio I found in my attic is built to resemble a Coca-Cola vending machine.”

“My grandparents’ clock measures time on a one week scale instead of a 12-hour one.”

“I have a calculator with a built-in chessboard.”

“This tie clip has a functioning thermometer.”

“I have a clock where the numbers rotate rather than the hands.”

“This coin bank I have tells you how much stacks of coins are worth.”

“A T-Rex comb I found”

“This is my multi-tool hair clip. There’s also a tiny flathead, like for screws on glasses, on the other side when you open it.”

“This mini laptop I found at work”

“A teacup that my mom bought in Japan 50 years ago with a lady in it that you can only see when light passes through it”

“The logo on my umbrella only shows up when wet.”

“My dad has a 100-sided die.”

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