17 Designs That Are Total Disasters

“Dave & Busters spin game landed on the 500 and it only gave me 4 tickets. Showed to manager and said it needed to be in the middle.”

“Free Breadsticks! But you have to pay a fee that’s the same as normal breadsticks”

“I spent 45+ mins answering quiz questions to help me find a career only to be greeted by a paywall…”

“Tilted seats designed to be uncomfortable while eating.”

“Why doesn’t it just get listed as the full price? It’s listed at 45, then before booking it, it still doesn’t even include taxes.”

“this little notch on a Power-A Nintendo controller only allows the cord that came with the package to be used. rn im in the process of sanding the notch down so i can use other cables”

“Playstation won’t let you contact support more than once per day. (In my case, they specifically, asked me to contact them again in ten minutes)”

“Ads that looks like parking tickets.”

“These ads in the middle of the mirrors in the bathrooms of Europa park”

“Website requires phone number to see restaurant menu.”

“Thanks a bunch 7 you ad infested sack of crap blocking the answer.”

“Thanks Instacart! This won’t backfire at all, and those who tip afterward? .”

“The seats in my local subway station”

“My $130 French textbook isn’t even bound.”

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