17 Everyday Things That Annoy Everyone

“Sales person following me wherever I walk and keeps talking endlessly . Like please I just want to shop in peace.”

“The sound of the alarm clock waking me up in the middle of a sweet dream.”

“Scam calls and texts (especially when you try blocking them with your phone and they somehow bypass that s@#t)”

“Headaches and migraines. Also throwing up really s#cks.”

“People who litter, specifically in nature and national parks.”

“Incredibly confident stupid people who are certain they are correct about every little thing.”

“People who have literally 0 awareness of their surroundings. Standing in the middle of the way, standing in doorways and the like… those people really piss me off.”

“Popcorn stuck in my teeth if I don’t have floss.”

“Influencer culture. Yikes.”


“Animal abusers.”


“People who use their social media to push products that don’t work as advertised.”.

“Any human being who intentionally harms a child.”

“Stupidity and laziness.”

“Cracking an egg to fry it and the yolk breaks.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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