17 Kids That Are Way Too Spoiled

“I went to high school with a girl who’s parents bought her a Ford Raptor for her first car. She bent the frame and they spent thousands to repair it. A few months later, she told them she was bored with it and they bought her a Corvette. Not long after this, she got pregnant and needed a more child friendly car, so they bought her an Escalade.”


“I knew a dude who got a PS4 with two controllers and four games + a XBox One with two controllers and four games + a new 4K TV + other things for Christmas from his parents and still complained it wasn’t enough. He was 15, already had a 2000€ PC, the richest motherf@#ker I met.”


“A kid I was in the Boy Scouts with. It was our week at summer camp right after the N64 came out, on Monday he was like “yeah, I’ve already got one N64, but I want a second one too, watch this, I’ll have it by the end of the week” the kid then proceeded to work on his mom all week long (she was there because she was a scoutmaster) and sure as s@#t, by Friday she had agreed to buy him another N64.”


“In high school, girl turned 16, parents gave her a new bmw with the understanding that the live-in maid would use it once, maybe twice, a week to get groceries/run errands. Unacceptable! A week after her epic tantrum she had a brand new Land Rover.

In college, there was a serious party girl (drugs/alcohol),she goes out one night with her car (think it was a Land Rover). Can’t find it after a night at the bar. Tells her parents it was stolen, G-Wagon replacement. Turns out her car wasn’t stolen it was parked in a lot across from the bar, not the one adjacent to the bar. Oh well, she had two cars at school for the next two years…”


“Not a kid, he’s in his late 20’s, but he “works” for his rich dad’s company, but takes a week long “business” trip at least once a month and posts Facebook statuses b#tching about the most minor inconveniences on his vacations. For example he posted a paragraph berating the “stupid idiot” waitress who didn’t cut the limes small enough to fit into his Corona bottle, and how he didn’t tip her because she “didn’t deserve it”.”


“A dude on my study abroad program had a $5,000 grant + free housing to do research in Europe for 2 months at 19 years old. 2 weeks into the program he got the stomach flu and his step mom flew across the ocean to feed him soup for a weekend and then they both flew back to the USA a few days later.”


“Some douchenugget who once told me he was going to feel like he was living in poverty if he made anything less than a million a year. The kid lived in Idaho, wasn’t even 20 yet and had never worked a day in his life.”


“My high school had a prep school attached to it. Fee paying, blazer wearing, “oh my dog is named after my fathers castle” kind of prep school. The high school was nothing like it. A friend of mine bumped into a kid from the prep and said “oh, look out” in the way you do when a kid runs full tilt into you.

Kid turns around with the snootiest voice and says “no, YOU look out. I PAY to go to this school.” Couldn’t have been older than 8.”


“A girl at my high school used to complain that her boat was one foot short of being a yacht.

Not her family’s boat. They had a different boat. Her boat.”


“My moms friends kid, she got a brand new iPhone 7+… and she was 6….”


“A kid in my ceramics class in high school got a brand new Lamborghini Huracan from his parents for his 16th birthday.

He took it to Walmart 2 weeks later and someone keyed the s@#t out of the side of it.

Instead of just repairing the damage, his parents bought him an Aston Martin instead.

F@#k you, Marc.”


“I worked as a bouncer at a club in a major city a few years back. I’m not really sure who this kid was but he must’ve been rich considering he pulled up in a brand new Rolls-Royce. He came to the door and I carded him. He produced his ID with an eye-roll.

He was under age. It was a 21+ show. So I told him he couldn’t come in. He gave me the line. “Do you know who my dad is?!” We all just started laughing. I told him the hop back in Daddy’s car and go home.”


“I worked at Toys R Us so I had to listen to some pretty ridiculous s@#t. What stuck with me though was a boy, who was about 9, tell his mother they better leave with the nerf gun or else she know what he’ll do when they get home. The look on his face was akin to that of a person who purposefully belittles their spouse in public.”


“There was a kid in my brothers grade whose parents bought him a brand new dodge Cummins jacked up and all that stuff. He blew the engine of his truck within a week. So his dad bought him a brand new ford f250 to replace it and paid to have the dodge fixed. So this kid got over $100,000 worth of trucks within a few weeks.”


“I dont know much about this girl, but one of my coworkers on break just had a rant that was (just about word for word) this:

“So I have a flat on my f@#king jeep cuz my stupid f@#king dad doesn’t know s@#t about tires, right? So I called my dumb@$$ slut of a mom and told her she needs to pay for a tire cuz I need to buy cigs and I’m broke anyways. So she says “ok, but you gotta get the money”. Like for real, b#tch? How the f@#k am I supposed to get there? Walk? Stupid d@#k sucking wh#re.”

I get people don’t have the best relationship with their parents, but jesus tap dancing christ what the f@#k.”


“I worked as an after school program director at the United Nations international School in NYC- one of the most elite schools in the world. There were dozens of spoiled little s@#ts but the worst was the son of a middle Eastern ambassador to the UN.

He was berating this younger kid calling him all kinds of names to the point the kid was crying, I saw it going down and went over to break it up. When I told him to stop and break it up, the bit looked at me, laughed, and said: I don’t have to do anything you say, I own servants better than you in my home country, you’re like a slave to me.

He turned and walked away.

The next day he was expelled from the school.”


“Kid i went to high school with.

got in trouble at school for telling a substitute teacher to ‘f@#k off’ when she asked him to please put his phone away.

In the office he allegedly threw the principals hot coffee into the guys face.

School resource officer cuffed him. Guy starts screaming and wailing, and saying hes going get the entire school arrested for assaulting and bullying him.

thing is, this guy was easily the biggest in bully in school, and because his Daddy was a District Attorney, eh thought he could away with anything. And usually did,

He was back to school 2 days after this, and had this smug smile.

2 months later his Daddy was arrested, removed from his position, and charged with tampering with evidence and interfering in investigations. Apparently he was using his position to get friends and family out of trouble with the law, and the Feds picked up on it.”


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