17 Photos Show How A Perfect Fit Look Like

“Recently built a garage addition, and the customer’s car just happens to slide right in by chance.”

“I was told my washi tapes would fit here.”

“Exactly 2 bags of FarmRich mozzarella bites”

“Like a glove”

“Putting two boxes of cereal in my reusable shopping bag”

“How the milk and water bottles fit under the desk”

“Not an inch more, not an inch less”

“Discovered new scrubbing brush fits perfectly under these shelves at work.”

“The way my longboard fits into the compartment in my trunk”

“Amazon got it perfectly right.”

“Went to a restaurant, and I tried to get out of someone’s way and realized this nook was perfect for me.”

“Any smaller and my stroopwaffle wouldn’t fit atop my coffee, but if it were any bigger, it wouldn’t evenly heat.”

“This cheese was made for this slice of bread”

“All computers of the entire office fit perfectly into the random crate we use for moving stuff.”

“My omelette du fromage accidentally fits my plate.”

“My wife’s wedding band inside mine. I guess you say we are a perfect fit… see what I did there?”

“As soon as I unwrapped my new soap, I thought there’s no way that’s going to fit.”

“New apartment. I guess I picked the right shampoo and conditioner.”

“So neat you can only smile”

“Years learning helping my dad’s moving company.”

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