17 Parents Who Know How To Make Life With Kids Easier

Try the opposite approach.

A little trick that allows us to take into account the desires of children and helps avoid tantrums.

A hack to remember things

Let the child learn and practice tying shoelaces in a calm environment, and not just right before you’re going out.

Use anger for your own benefit.

An idea on how to protect kitchen utensils from a child when they learn to walk

Look at the situation from the other side.

Empty cardboard boxes are great for various uses.

Add kindness to their fears.

Did you know that you can put an IKEA high chair in the dishwasher and not have to constantly clean it yourself?

Ask unexpected questions.

A trick for large families

The road to rest lies through cunning.

You can tame even the most obstinate kids with savvy.

Stun your kids and be unpredictable.

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