17 Photos Prove That Family Is So Much Fun!

“Why I don’t sleep as well as my husband”

Kids always know what’s going on.

Color recognition can become a problem.

“I once asked my husband to get the chicken ready and came home to this!!”

Who cares about names?

We get what we ask for.

“The little sign I made for my sister and brother-in-law when I was picking them up from the airport.”

Everyone cooks in their own way.

Language can save relationships.

“Asked my hubby to have a girls tea…”

Warning: Lunch bag may contain surprises.

Clarification is needed.

“First time alone with the baby and my husband sends me this. He said: “She’s just having her breakfast.”

Mom will always find a way.

The best review ever

Kids change our lives.

The most desired gift

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