17 Photos Prove That Online Shopping Never Ends Well

“This mask has seen some things.”

“I was expecting this Stüssy Windbreaker for my husband. This is what we received for $100 and a month late.”

“They didn’t even try, lol.”

“This seat belt cover.”

“Saw cheese curds on their website and decided I’d give them a try.”

“I’m sure it’s 420 balloons but still annoyed.”

“My experience online shopping”

“This is just sad.”

“Um…. Old Navy? I have questions.”

“Box doesn’t show that there is a massive hole for the fingerprint scanner.”

“$75 and 7 months to receive this.”

“Turns out I’m not very good at online shopping.”

“Major fashion fail. Thought I was ordering the first. Received the second.”

“What I ordered vs What they sent”

“Looks like Cartman got exposed to gamma radiation in the lab.”

“Magic crystal tree”

“What I ordered for my friend vs What she received”

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