17 Photos Show That Life Is Beautiful

’’My 1-month-old son’s first time meeting his great-grandma.’’

’’A young bird flew up to my friend, and I managed to get this photo before we let it go.’’

’’Calf just born this morning, taking it in to dry it off.’’

’’My 96-year-old grandpa and 92-year-old grandma on their 75th wedding anniversary’’

’’An innocent newborn mantis tickling the tip of my pinkie’’

’’A baby crow fell down my chimney and for the moment we’re best friends.’’

“That 1% chance baby made it home and into my arms! We couldn’t be happier.”

’’The moment before I proposed to my girlfriend.’’

“Couldn’t find my son & puppy this morning… Found them downstairs on a bed of pillows and blankets made by my son”

“I think I’ve already taken the best picture I will take in 2023”

’’Me and my newborn sister. Also my favorite picture of all time.’’

’’The moment my niece met the baby.’’

’’My newborn smiles when she farts.’’


’’He went quiet and I panicked, found him like this with my dog.’’

’’I captured my son’s first smile on camera.’’

’’My favorite photo from our wedding. Flower Nana!’’

’’My nephew met a cicada for the first time today.’’


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