40+ People Who Have Taken Creativity To The Next Level

“One little chocolate & vanilla scented S’morling, now it’s time for bed”

“I just finished watching Disney’s Encanto and I’m in love with Pepa’s earrings. Hence, for my first project of the year I decided to create a replica of Pepa’s earrings.”

“I created this stained glass art piece from a doodle my nephew did. I named it, “I’m So Happy I Could Puke.” I gifted it to my nephew when he bought his first home several years ago.”

”Charcoal pencils on paper”

“I made this reclaimed oak herringbone bench last year. I used a jade wood stain on the mountains after it was all glued up and taped off to make them pop a bit.”

“Medium broken jewelery”

“Commissioned Langstroth Bee Frame including real pressed honeycomb , feathers, fiddlehead, gingko leaf, and watercolor bee art from the client.”

“Here’s a new balloon oil painting!”


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