17 Photos That Might Make Your Head Spin

“Looks like my pups traded eyeballs.”

“Woke up from my nap and the time matched the step counter.”

“I boiled my apples to remove store added wax and it made my apples bleed its natural wax.”

“Found my laundry in the washing machine exactly like this…”

“The wire almost perfectly traces the mountains in the background.”

“Birdhouse for planes.”

“This caterpillar cocooning in a beak of a cast iron bird statue.”

“La Croix froze mid explosion in the back of our refrigerator.”

“The weird shadow situation in my kitchen.”

“Yin and Yang in my teacup.”

“One of my eggs became reversed in the frying pan.”

“Difference in water making this boat look as if it’s hovering”

“Well, the grass is always greener on the other side.”

“2 carts I found in my local swamp awhile back. The reflections were weird.”

“My baby son’s toy chameleon has adjusted itself to our rug.”

“My debit card blends into this old cabinet.”

“This is just scenery, there’s clearly no person here.”

“Floating cat? Or cat on a floating shelf?”

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