17 Ridiculous Excuses Women Hear From Their Cheating Boyfriends

“I didn’t know sending nudes and saying I love you to her was cheating”


“It’s because of my low self-esteem, I just have to feel desired and know that I can get other girls.’’


“I know a girl whose bf was a chronic cheater. When it all came out, his excuse was that he “was stressed about his parents retirement”.”


“I kept all the msgs on my phone so you could find them and see i wasn’t hiding anything from you. i just couldn’t tell you”.


““I’m broke and needed to steal their wallet while they were in the shower”

Not kidding”


“I think the devil possessed me (he seriously said that during couples therapy).”


““I thought you were going to die. I needed support and stress relief”.

I was ill and admitted to critical care, and there was a decent probability that I wouldn’t make it. He did not visit once.”


“A friend’s boyfriend hit on me, because, “her libido is so high I need a break.”

I can’t even begin to parse that Insane Troll Logic.”


““I asked you for an open relationship. You said no.”

Yes, and that should’ve been your cue to either stay faithful or leave.”


“She’s a lesbian”


““You work too much to spend time with me. Quit one of your jobs & maybe I wouldn’t have to find attention from someone else.”

I was working a full time job + a seasonal part time position a few nights a week to save up for a trip for the two of us..”


“I was really high and thought she was you!”


“It’s not cheating if it is a another guy!” Followed by, “You should be happy for me, I have always wanted a BJ from another guy and it is finally happened!”


““I couldn’t bring myself to break up with her” -My cheating ex who had a second girlfriend for the entire second year of our relationship”


“Once he came home with two black eyes, I asked him how he got them and he told me he was in an underground fight club Really he just got caught by the person’s spouse.”


““My job is to make sure my female employees don’t quit!”



“You said she’s out of my league. I had a point to prove.”


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