17 Scary Facts Will Creep You Out

Unnecessary Deaths

Worldwide, there are approximately 444,000 deaths that are a direct cause of preventable medical errors each and every year.


Excess stress during pregnancy can lead to the fetus shrinking in the womb.

Bzzzzzzz- PFFTT

On average, a housefly will shit every 5 minutes on whatever it is they happen to be sitting on at the time.

Frozen Graveyard

At any given time, there are at least 200 frozen bodies littered along Mt. Everest. These bodies are often used at checkpoints for climbers.

Manic Monday

Statistically speaking, you’re most likely to suffer a heart attack on a Monday.

Ants all over the world

The biomass of every any on earth is larger than every human. If they chose to, they could completely take over the world.

Toot Toot

Eproctophilia is the sexual fetishization of farts. There are people out there who get physically turned on by hearing and or smelling farts.

Death without warning

A brain aneurysm can occur at any time with zero warning and cause death in 6 minutes. You could be driving home from work, taking a shower, or reading a book and you will die without getting the chance to say good bye to anyone.

Big man says NO.

As of 2016, it is completely illegal to eat a banana in ANY sort of seductive fashion whilst on camera.

A sad reality

Either someone will watch you die, someone will find your dead body, or your body will never be found.

Drinking and driving

Statistically speaking 1 person dies from a drunk driving accident every 50 minutes in the U.S.A.

Protect your teeth

Not only is sugar bad for your health in general, it is terrible for your teeth. In fact, sugar has a similar degenerative effect on your teeth as meth and crack.

That’s no fun

There are people in this world who suffer from a legitimate FEAR of having fun. The condition is known as cherophobia.

That’s a lot of meat

Worldwide, people kill approximately 1776 animals each and every second.

The temptation is real

Bacon is DELICIOUS. However, eating 7 strips of the good stuff a day increases your daily risk of death by 7%.

A terrifying way to go

It is well known that hippos are among the deadliest creatures on earth. Not only can they run incredibly fast both on

land and in water, they can consume a fully grown adult in one bite.

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