27 Real Life Easter Eggs

“Perseverance has a rover family window sticker on her deck.”

“Just spotted Richard Attenborough’s character from Jurassic Park in my son’s book about dinosaurs…”

“In the new electric Volkswagen suv, the brake pedal is a PAUSE button and the accelerator is a PLAY button.”

“Noticed this when I first started drinking these. Now I do it every time, my favorite beer right here.”

“Honey Badger inside the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.”

“The wine I ordered online came with a tiny set of dice packaged inside a hollow cork.”

“Under the hood of the new Mustang Mach-E.”

“There’s a gap in the cabinets because of an angled sink. Countertops get installed on Monday.”

“My dad brought this from a hotel visit a few years ago, just now realized it has a cute caption!”

“The tanks at a Pepsi bottling facility in Indiana look like giant soda cans!”

“I love the Mickey tires on this cavalcade car at Epcot.”

“IKEA display toilets have directions to the real toilets.”

“Sexy devil inside playing cards pack.”

“The pattern on the Little Caesars toga is an acronym.”

“At the back of this Intel sticker you can see the processor architecture.”

“This Mercedes-Benz star can only be seen if you completely remove the speaker cover.”

“My brother has a Vans shirt, and when wet it displays the pattern on Vans shoes.”

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