17 Secrets About Online Teaching

That their parents limit computer time and yell at them about using a computer while they’re in class. That and a lot of parents are still worried about radiation from using a monitor for too long. Ummm, our school laptops don’t have CRTs.

Mostly, I’m getting to see students’ pets. I’ve seen rabbits, birds, and lizards now.

I saw a dad crawling on the floor trying to hide from his daughters camera for some reason.

I saw an article about a school in Finland that sent an email home to all the parents asking the dads to wear pants around the house – apparently a lot of them were walking around sans trousers in the background while their kids were videoconferencing with the class.

China is terrible about this. I use to teach with VIPKid and there were a ton of complaints about dads needing to wear pants and grandma’s needing to wear shirts.

I just got off an online class and my teacher said she saw a student in another class eating cereal on the kitchen floor.

The students who show up a little sloppy to class, crank it up to 11 at home.

I literally did not get out of bed, alarm set for 7:55am, wake up, connect to zoom at 8:00am, nuts out (under the covers) THE RIGHT WAY TO LEARN.

I teach preschool and we’re doing daily zoom meetings… today two kids had a meltdown bc I didn’t talk to them soon enough, one kid wouldn’t stop singing, one kid was playing legos on the floor, and another was literally just running around outside.

Not much different than my everyday tbh

Student here, my parents yell at each other an awful lot and now classmates of mine who used to be awful to me are unusually polite. My psych teacher recently told me he’s always there if I need to talk.

One mom swore up and down that she didn’t have a laptop for her kid to do google classroom.

Compromise: take a picture of her son completing the packet I sent home

In the background of the picture: a brand new Mac just hanging out

My dogs started barking mid class and one of my parents yelled ”Shut up or I’ll send you to the glue factory!” I didn’t mute in time.

Just how SOUTHERN one of my student’s family is. She has no discernible accent (we are in N.C.) but her family sounds like rural Alabama stereotypes. Also, her grandmother said I was an idiot (to my Zoom meeting face!) because I said corn dogs weren’t good for cats. So… I understand why this student is maybe a bit dingy.

It’s all fun and games until you forget to mute your mic and let a loud one rip, then you look up and see everyone staring through the screen.

Yea, that was me today. I disconnected and did the study guide on my own. I won’t ever talk to those people again, or join another online lecture.

That a week’s downtime turns students into nocturnal wilder beasts. Seriously I had a math class planned this morning at 8. First student signed in at 1030 with 50 min left. 40% had signed into the class by 1400. And only now at 1915 does the questions start coming in on Teams.

You know what guys? F@#k you, I’m off the clock!

A lot of my high schoolers have adorable small siblings. We commiserate at their siblings and my toddler interrupting our google meets and at the end of classes we let the kiddos use the screen to hang out.

I’ve learned the names and habits of /so many/ cats and dogs. my favorite is a student’s dog named Cleo. Cleo is the very best of boys, big solid lad.

My cat keeps trying to invade my lectures. I was grabbing something and heard a “ROORW?” And “Aww kitty!”. Dips@#t number one was on the keyboard and dips@#t number two was right behind.

Some of their moms are MILFs

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