17 Things That Took Us Way Too Long To Learn

“That puffer fish don’t use air to inflate.”

“I thought everyone’s mouth got itchy when eating bananas. Almost 40 years old and find out I’m somewhat allergic to them.”

“That roadrunners are not the size of an emu.”

“I learned, when I was 46 years old, that my pet ducks we had as children, did not in fact fly south for the winter. Every winter.

My entire family laughed at me when my mom let that little fact slip, after she had a few too many glasses of wine.”

“The the longest time I always heard of sports teams “Drafting” people. And I am tall, so as a kid I was constantly afraid I’d get drafted for the state basketball team just out of the blue, I thought it worked like a military draft.

I learned this wasn’t the case when I was like 10-12.”

“I learned how to ride a bike at the ripe age of 24.”

“I thought the D is Disney was just some random symbol, kinda like a backwards G. It took me until like 7th grade to realize it and even as an adult I still can’t unsee the backwards G.”

“Corned beef wasn’t made by cattle that were strictly fed corn. My mom couldn’t stop laughing.”

“Ponies are NOT baby horses”

“I thought an armadillo was a reptile rather than a mammal.”

“That narwhals are real. I thought they were cute mythological creatures, until I saw a brooch a friend had and asked if it was part of the companies mythological line. She asked me if I thought narwhals were myths, like unicorns. I laughed and said of course they are.

I was 35.”

“It’s “for all intents and purposes” not “for all intensive purposes””

“That our next door neighbors were lesbians and not just “good friends”. Lovely people. Didn’t figure it out until I was in college”

“At roughly 37, I learned pineapples grew from the ground. Not from a tree.”

““Rotating tires” doesn’t mean spinning them around in place like you’re in a Fast and the Furious movie. It means you swap each of their positions on the car.

 For example, you might move the left-front tire to the left-back position, and vice versa, and the same for the right.”

“At 42 years-old, I realized there is no donkey in Donkey Kong.”

““Paradigm” is pronounced “pear-uh-dime”. It is definitely NOT pronounced “pear-uh-dig-um”.

 …I learned this at age 19. In college. While delivering an oral report.

 I try not to think about.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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