40 Foods That Look Terrible

“Local Bakery Made These, All Profits Will Go To Colon Cancer Research.”

“Me And My Girlfriend Hit One Year Together. We’re Both Broke. So Nugs And Fries To Celebrate!”

“I Got Trashed, Made Orange Chicken Dino Nuggets”

“My Attempt At Baking A Brownie Turned Out Like A Before And After Picture Of Meth Addiction”

“Found A “Cook Book” That My Brother Wrote When He Was 7 Years Old, And Am Re-Creating The Recipes. Here’s “Licorice Egg””

“Broke Till Payday. Hot Dog And Pickle Grilled Cheese”

“The Chicken Sandwich I Got From Mr Beast Burger Today”

“The “Pizza Americana” I Ordered In Slovakia”

“My Daughter’s Hotdog Made From Starburst”

“I Tried To Make Bread Using Only Flour And Water”

“Our Airbnb Had A Brick Oven. We Tried Making Pizza”

“Blörö – The Famous Finnish Breakfast Consisting Of Hot Coffee, Vodka, And A Cigarette”

“Spaghetti With The Proper Amount Of Powdered Cheese Product”

“Dumplings From The Hell’s Gate”

“This Regular Pepperoni My Brother Ordered”

“$50 Slow Roasted Prime Rib”

“I Like To Eat Bread With Mashed Potatoes And People Tell Me That’s Not Normal”

“Bagel Bite And Chicken Nugget Slider”

“I Want To Thank Taco Bell For Saving The Best Part Of The Tomatoes For My Taco Specifically.”

“Under A Tight Deadline, I Had To Stop Everything To Post My Wife’s Dinner”

“The Arrogance Of Man Rears Its Ugly Head Once More As We Continue To Sin Against Heaven And God”

“My School’s $7 Take On Avocado Toast”

“Behold! The Worlds Largest Nigiri Sushi”

“Two Years Ago I Blessed The Internet With The Spam Shot Glass. This Year I Got To Go Camping Again And Got The Chance To Recreate The Iconic Meat Orifice, As Well As Create A New Drink Container Which I Humbly Dubbed The Spam Flask”

“In Connecticut, Breweries Require Food With Drink. This Is Their “Charcuterie Board””

“Sandwich My Dad Likes To Eat, Raw Ground Beef With Raw Onions And White Pepper On Hard Bread”

“I Love When Fast Food Chicken Has A Nice, Seared Crust And A Juicy, Rare Center”

“My Kids School Lunch Today. Pancake Sausage Burger With Cheese”

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