17 Times When Nature Impressed All Of Us

This sand looks like glitter.

Lake Berryessa in California

A dust devil swirling up at Burning Man

Even crocodiles can be albinos.

This is what a lenticular cloud over Mount Fuji looks like.

The person who managed to see this double rainbow is really lucky.

It gets creepy when you see lightning like this.

Take a long look at these multi-colored fields in the hills.

A view of Lake Natron in the Great Rift Valley

This is an albino ape and its name is Snowflake.

This frog is almost transparent and is known as a “glass frog.”

These light pillars look like they’re Photoshopped but it’s actually a normal photo.

This optical illusion gives the impression that there are 3 suns. It’s hard to say which one is real.

Another lighting effect that can make you believe in a miracle

Meet this finger-sized bird

These ice blocks have been forming for thousands of years.

We’re so small compared to nature.

Lava and the ocean is a very unusual combination.

What color should the Devil’s Bath be? Green, of course!

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