17 Weird, But True Facts

“If you shake/jangle your keys at a moth, it will do a backflip (it’s a defence mechanism)”


“MLB umpires are required to wear black underwear in case their pants split during a game.”


“Fidel Castro loved dairy so much that he invested in trying to breed a cow that could survive in the climate of Cuba and still produce a lot of milk. He failed over and over for years until one day a cow that was exactly to his specifications. She produced obscene, record breaking amounts of milk even for a regular cow and could live in Cuba’s sweltering climate.

There were regular updates on her health in the Cuban national newspaper and he loved her so much that when she died he erected a huge marble statue of her in her honor.”


“The last person who died building the hoover dam was the son of the first person who died building it.”


“Many deaths in the Middle Ages resulted from pigs wandering into peasant homes and eating babies out of their cradles.”


“Julius caesar’s soldiers used sing a marching song about how much caesar liked it up the @$$”


“The Defense mechanism of the sea cucumber is to eject its toxic internal organs out of its anus, causing the predator to eat them and die.

Also they reproduce by having the female shoot out the egg cell and the male shooting the sperm at it”


“Licking marshmallows and sticking them on a car on a night below freezing will cause the marshmallows to adhere so strongly that if they are removed while still frozen they will take the car paint with them.”


“Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel.”


“An important predator to the Canadian Moose is the Killer whale. The Moose will swim over seastraits and get picked off by the killer whales.”


“An orgasm can stop hiccups”


“America dropped extra large condoms labeled small into Soviet territory to make the Russians feel bad.”


“Nobody knew how the f@#k eels reproduce until 2015.”


“It’s illegal to be intoxicated in a bar in Alaska.

I won a trivia game at work because I happened to know this obscure fact. The lady organizing it accused me of cheating because no one had ever known the answer to “in which state is it illegal to be drunk in a bar?”

I’ve known it for so long I don’t even remember where I learned it.”


“Urine is historically one of the biggest exports that Newcastle UK ever had. It was used for a variety of purposes especially for making ammonia to make paint.”


“Hentai frequently depicts monsters having sex with women because of Japanese pornography laws. Sex between a man and a woman is “porn” and considered indecent, but sex between a human and an alien/monster does not fit the definition, so it gets by.”


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